Comey Obstructed Probe of FBI’s Shocking Sexual Misconduct


Higher-than-the-Mighty James Comey who likes to tweet his arrogant passages by men far greater than himself oversaw an FBI that was sanctioned 14 times since 2014, mostly under his watch.

According to the Justice Department inspector general’s enforcement summaries, the DoJ sanctioned at least 14 FBI employees since 2014 for sexual impropriety. It wasn’t only Lisa Page and Peter Strzok who were misbehaving.

Comey even hindered the probe

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, FBI agents and officials were engaged in various improper sexual relationships and harassment. It included inappropriate romantic relationships with a subordinate, outright sexual harassment, favoritism or promotion based on demands for sex, and retaliation against women who rebuffed male employee’s advances.

Comey tried to hinder the IG Horowitz’s investigation. Isn’t that obstruction??? It wasn’t only Comey, it was Loretta Lynch hiding the information.

The IG later found that the offenders were given light punishments.

This was first reported in 2015.

As Horowitz explained in his March 2015 final report on how law enforcement agencies handle sexual-misconduct complaints, his office’s ability “to conduct this review was significantly impacted and delayed by the repeated difficulties we had in obtaining relevant information from both the FBI and DEA as we were initiating this review in mid-2013.”

Horowitz said the FBI and DEA initially refused to provide his office “with unredacted information that was responsive to our requests.”

Since the FBI kept the information from the IG, it eventually led to the passage of the Inspector General Empowerment Act of 2016, which requires all federal departments and agencies to share all records with the IG. It became law on Dec. 16, 2016.

Can’t wait to read his novel, I mean memoir, A Higher Loyalty.

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