Commander Has Left the White House


President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s 2-year-old German shepherd, Commander, has been involved in more biting incidents than previously reported at the White House, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Commander, nice doggie

As a result, CNN has learned Commander, President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s 2-year-old German shepherd has left the White House, CNN’s Betsy Klein reports.

The First Couple allowed their dogs, first Major and now Commander bite a lot of people before moving the dog out. One bite should have been enough.

While the US Secret Service has acknowledged 11 reported biting incidents involving its personnel, sources who spoke to CNN said the real number is higher and includes executive residence staff and other White House workers. Some of the bites were severe.

One officer who ended up hospitalized over his wounds was verbally attacked by Joe Biden, who said he was exaggerating the extent of his multiple wounds.

So, Commander is not on the White House campus, for now, as they work on his behavior.

One source familiar with the incidents pointed to efforts from their colleagues to adjust Secret Service workplace habits amid broader concerns about workplace safety as they work to support the first family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The situation has also revealed broader tensions between the Bidens and the US Secret Service. Sources suggest the relationship between the first family and the US Secret Service was first strained when the family’s elder dog, Major, caused an injury to an unnamed Secret Service agent before ultimately being sent away more permanently to Delaware. That incident caused a breach in trust, a source familiar with the dynamic said, reports CNN.

Biden has nasty dogs. Shepherds are very smart and usually nice dogs. It’s a mystery.

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