Communism Is At Hand, Donald Trump Stands in the Way

Spenser Rapone, Communist West Point graduate, now a Lt.

The far-left has control of the schools, the media, the entertainment industry, and the newspapers. They are changing our culture from Disney to football to our very belief system. It is all being done against the will of the majority.

This is what communism looks like.

If anyone complains, they are called vile names and vicious accusations are leveled against them. If you disagree with the left, they will try to destroy you.

We see innocent and a few not-such-nice kids marching with very far-left groups. Even our West Point graduates include Communists. The same far-left groups are behind all the revolutionaries who march on our streets and they want Americans to believe they represent a large majority.

Who can ignore the destruction of our former belief system — all pillars of society — which made this country what it is. Our history is being altered, our statues being torn down. Mao would be proud.

Communism is at hand

If you doubt it, all you have to do is look at the many danger signs. Privacy, freedom, safety, and corrupt unelected bureaucrats without accountability are all colliding with our individual rights.

Check out the short list.

One of the worst things we see is the now-common usage and acceptance of Marxist terms, to include wealth redistribution, identity politics, political correctness, living wages, disparate impact, and social justice.

We also can’t ignore the tyranny of social engineering. Obama’ housing totalitarianism and abortion on demand are social engineering. Politicization of everything is indoctrination for the cause and it too is social engineering.

Additionally, look at what is happening to our 4th and 10th Amendment rights. The media is thoroughly corrupt and leftists like George Soros are manipulating much of it. Our media is about brainwashing and activism, not reporting. Our judges are tyrants legislating from the bench.

Political correctness is destroying our free speech rights; freedom of religion is in danger; and the left is also openly calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Our Constitution — our rule of law — is being labeled an “old piece of paper”. Our Republic is being called a Democracy.

Leftists are looking to punish anyone who disagrees with them. They want to imprison people who disagree on climate extremism as one example. Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence have been condoned or excused in the media. Law enforcement is under seige. Democrats have embraced all of this in an effort to win.

We were warned seventy years ago about the creeping Totalitarianism. It’s been going on for decades and Barack Obama put it on speed.

It is at hand and all that stands in the way is Donald Trump.

In conclusion, please ask me, a religious woman, if I care about Stormy Daniels or the other Progressive women with complaints against Donald. The answer is no, I don’t and the more they say I must, the more I don’t.



  1. Fantastic Article!

    The only question remaining, is it too late? Will our Constitutional Republic survive or has communism embedded itself deeply it can no longer be extracted?

    Obama’s legacy had nothing to do with the Iran deal, health care nor any other obvious. His real legacy was greasing the skids of tyranny, implanting radical left wing operatives throughout the federal government and seeding the country with millions of refugees and illegal aliens who will never embrace Americanism.

    This is the President of Revelations. For the first time EVER, we have a president who pulls no punches, who speaks directly to the American people. Were it not for President Trump pointing to the press box at every opportunity calling them out as the corrupt sycophants that they are, there would still be many millions who just didn’t know. Many of us did but millions more did not.

    The MSM, Hollywood, Democrats (little more than a massive, syndicate of corruption), all bitten by Trump Derangement Syndrome, have made such a spectacle of themselves, their extreme hatred and biases are impossible to miss.
    Many of the so called, “Republicans,” who have been betraying us FOR YEARS, have revealed themselves for the traitorous SOB’s they’ve long been…. they are The Great Betrayers.

    It is WITHOUT QUESTION, were it not for Donald Trump, our nation would be already lost. The rivers, nay OCEANS of blood spilled by our forefathers and to this very day, would have been for naught.

    There should be no mistake… This Is War. The battle lines are drawn, the time is NOW. We either honor all those who came before us, secure freedom for this nation’s future, HERE AND NOW, or surrender in shame.

    Many years ago Communists warned they would bury us from within – without firing a single shot. The question, is it too late. Are we willing to stand and fight with all we are worth, or will be fall with a mere whimper?

    “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”

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