Communist China company bought 130K acres in Texas near US military facilities


During testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in July 2019, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated, “there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat right now than China.”

It was largely ignored by the media that prefers to emphasize the villainy of Russia.

Also ignored, for the most part, except for Fox News and a few other lesser outlets: China purchased over 100,000 acres of land in West Texas. They say it’s for economic reasons. They built a wind farm, but it is near U.S. military facilities like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and Lackland Air Force Base. Lackland and nearby Laughlin AFB.

Beginning in 2015, GH America Investment Group purchased over 130,000 acres of property in Val Verde County. GH America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Xinjiang-based Guanghui Industry Investment Group.  Xinjiang is notorious for its so-called “re-education” camps, where China detains Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities against their will and violates their human rights, Fox News reports.

The land would be better used as a preserve. It’s a beautiful region.


Retired CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman told the media,” Aside from gathering intelligence on U.S. border security operations and plugging into Texas’ critical infrastructure, including its electrical grid, China could use Sun’s wind farm venture as cover to collect intelligence on nearby Laughlin Air Force Base, which is the Air Force’s premier training facility and graduates hundreds of pilots per year.”

Sun Guangxin, the founder and director of Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group, served in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and was the Xinjiang Provincial Youth Federation’s vice-chairman. Having long maintained a close relationship with China’s Communist Party leadership, Sun is one of China’s 200 wealthiest businessmen. Sun reportedly overpaid for the land in Val Verde County, and the Blue Hills Wind project appears to be his only renewable energy project in the U.S.”

The CCP is known for spying, hacking, stealing, and a desire to take over the world and treat the rest of the nations like colonies.

Why would we allow this?


China is a party state. Chinese companies, especially those with a presence in foreign countries, do not operate independently of the powers that be in Beijing. Hoffman reminds us that China’s 2015 National Intelligence Law gave the Communist Party of China sweeping powers to exploit Chinese domestic and overseas companies: “Any organization or citizen shall support, assist and cooperate with the State intelligence work in accordance with the law, and keep its secrets known to the public. The State protects individuals and organizations that support, assist, and cooperate with national intelligence work. DOD should pull the plug on the Devils River wind project now, writes Dr. Bonner Cohen of CFACT.

It may just operate as a wind farm, but why chance it?


The decision comes after an analysis from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a panel of different federal agencies that examine the impact of foreign investments in the United States, found that the wind farm does not currently pose a national security concern, Foreign Policy magazine reports.

“Why this location and why this project?” Rep. Will Hurd, a Republican who represents a district that stretches westward across Texas from San Antonio toward El Paso and includes the project, told Foreign Policy. “Why are we allowing a Chinese company to do that in the U.S.? A former U.S. general would not be able to do this kind of project in China.”

It’s a naive and stupid decision.

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