Money well-spent! $1.5 million walking lizards on a treadmill


As Rand Paul tweeted, “They [the rulers] have no skin in the game. Close the schools? No problem? Close your restaurant? Don’t worry. Here’s $600.”

In the bill this week, you know, the crazy $900 COV bill that spends $200 billion on COV, includes families of illegal aliens [who should be fined, not rewarded], and $700 billion on garbage. That bill. They actually spent $20 million, or plan to, on rebuilding a runway for private planes on Nantucket [a rich man’s island].

Senator Paul, who is a real doctor unlike fake Dr. Jill Biden, published his waste book again this year. We have a few of the highlights he tweeted while linking to the book of garbage.

Did you know that we spent $1.5 million walking lizards on a treadmill? We also spent $4.5 million on spraying alcoholic rats with bobcat urine. I kid you not!

We spent $10 million and five years studying elections in Zimbabwe. Congratulations, you did it guys, now we are Zimbabwe.

Then there is the $3.2 million we spent sending Russians to American colleges for a ‘gap year.’ Let us not forget the book clubs for Pakistani and Afghan kids which only cost a million. We also subsidize the Tunisian Chambers of Commerce. We are so good.

The government actually spent $174 million on drones for the Afghan National Army, and then lost them. Maybe the Taliban found them?

Click on the book, just look at the index and try not to become ill over a government gone mad because we elect idiots to office.

Here’s a little treat for you from our blood cousins in Australia [We aren’t anti-vaxxers, but this is funny – warning bad language]:

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