Communist Propaganda Taught to Kindergarten in Illinois


The Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA equity is infiltrating education throughout the country, even in kindergarten.

It will destroy the children and this nation.

In 2019, Governor JB Pritzker signed a law requiring Illinois school districts to integrate LGBTQ+ history into curricula by July 2020. In October 2019, Evanston’s school district 65 held its first LGBTQ+ Equity Week for grades pre-kindergarten through 8, and their plans for these lessons are expanding in scope.

Evanston is a leftist enclave.

According to The Post Millennial author Libby Emmons:

District 65 has plans for many equity weeks and lessons throughout the year. Latinx [phony leftist garbage term] Heritage Month in September, which teaches 8th grader students about the harmful effects of immigration laws and delves into the dynamics of power and privilege. Black Lives Matter at school brings with it a “week of action” and “national demands,” which teaches 4th graders the song “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyonce, along with the lesson that American society is “patriarchal,” where “systems and government are controlled by men.” The lesson states as fact that American “systems and government are controlled by [w]hite people,” with “racism being the result of it.”

“So is it with men controlling systems and government and messages about women being dumb, weak, and inferior being a result,” the lesson for 4th graders continues before going on to teach about intersectional oppression. “Because [b]lack women cannot separate being [b]lack from being a woman or their intersectionality, they experience something like a double oppression. The guiding principle of [the lesson] encourages the building of women-centered spaces where women, especially [b]lack women, can have freedom from messages that they are dumb, weak, and inferior.”

This is hateful and unAmerican. Where is the pushback and what is wrong with Priztker?

There is more which you can read here. The curricula is so destructive and negative for young minds. It’s pure evil.

As the Left pours black and brown people into the country illegally, they are instructing their children to hate the USA and white people. What could go wrong?

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