Communists Occupy Tax-Funded University, Get All Demands Met by Cowards


According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, UC Santa Cruz has caved to the four demands made by students occupying Kerr Hall.

The Afrikan Black Student Alliance demanded and received four years of student housing for “all students from underrepresented communities” who applied to live in the Rosa Parks House, a lounge space in the Parks House, painting of the Parks House the colors of Pan-African liberation (Black Power group), and teaching a “mandatory educational diversity orientation” (indoctrination course) to freshmen students.

This particular university has been destroyed by communist-terrorists like Professor Angela Davis.

The unAmerican communists wore masks.

The university’s media relations director, Scot Hernandez-Jason, announced they would meet the students’ demands.

Instead of expelling these jerks, who obviously don’t belong in college, this public university caved.

The communist professors objected to any and all punishments.

Pan-Afrikan mad woman screams expletives at university spokesperson with whom she disagrees.

Though the protesters spoke with Tucker Carlson last week, the paper reported they were not as receptive to local media outlets.

The university’s cowardice ended the three-day occupation and encourages even more of this garbage from communist revolutionaries.

Black Power Pan-African (Pan-Afrikan) Flag.

Pan-Afrikanism is an America hating hard left movement. They are white-haters and black separatists who want reparations.

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