Complete Disaster After San Fran HS for the Gifted Admits Not-So-Gifted


The Board of Education in an elite high school for the gifted ended merit-based admissions over RACISM. It was a complete disaster after they admitted the not-so-gifted students at San Francisco’s Lowell High School. They received significantly more failing grades at the end of fall 2021.

The Story

Lowell High, one of the highest performing public schools in the U.S., is or was a gateway to elite colleges and offers a greater number of advanced courses than other public schools in the city, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Lowell was the one in San Francisco, everyone from my middle school wanted to go to Lowell HS. Now it’s a piece of shit just like the rest of the high schools in the city lmao !

~ Spooty, Twitter user.

Some residents rallied at San Francisco Unified School District headquarters on Tuesday to protest the new admissions policy at the elite Lowell High School.

But socialists and communists don’t believe in merit, just racism.

The rally was made up mostly of parents. The parents were urging the district to return to merit-based admissions. No more, put more Hispanics and Blacks in despite their ability, talent, commitment, work ethic, and intelligence.

The parents held up signs saying “Merit is not racist” and “Gifted and driven students need a place.” They found out about the increase in F and D grades.

San Francisco Chronicle reports that of the 620 students in Lowell’s freshman class, 24.4% received at least one D or F grade during the fall semester, compared with 7.9% of first-year students in fall 2020 and 7.7% in fall 2019. In total, the number of Lowell ninth graders with a D or F grade tripled from 51 in fall 2020, the first full semester of remote learning, to 152 in 2021.

Now, It’s Just Like All the Other Bad San Fran Schools

The rise means the figures for that class at Lowell were closer to the numbers at other high schools in the city, district data shows. The jump coincided with the first year that Lowell admitted its freshman class based primarily on a lottery — as almost all other city high schools do — instead of test scores and grades, San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Maybe the question shouldn’t be about skin color, but rather, why are all the other schools failing.

Back in February, three San Francisco school board members were recalled, the New York Times reports. More than 70 percent of voters supported the recall of each member. The vote stripped the members, Alison Collins, Gabriela López, and Faauuga Moliga, of their positions on the seven-person board, which Ms. Lopez served as president. They will be replaced by members chosen by Mayor London Breed.

Mayor Breed probably will make the Board worse. Hopefully, that prediction is wrong.

The recall was a victory for parents who were angered that the district spent time deciding whether to rename a third of its schools last year instead of focusing on reopening them. It also appeared to be a demonstration of Asian American electoral power, a galvanizing moment for Chinese American voters in particular who turned out in unusually large numbers for the election.

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dementia joe
dementia joe
10 months ago

It has been proven time and time again…..blacks and latinos are just not as smart as whites, asians or indians.

10 months ago

Brings to mind, What a gift, where can we bury it?

Last edited 10 months ago by Freeland_Dave
10 months ago

Liberals actually believe that White People are Racist White Supremist simply because the have a Hhigh IQ and Work hHrd. Liberals are now attacking Asians for the same reasons. The Racism of Liberals is sickening!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
10 months ago

The rise means the figures for that class at Lowell were closer to the numbers at other high schools in the city, district data shows.
Making everybody equal at the expense of the achievers. This is socialism at its finest.

10 months ago

Leave it to the radical Marxist left to screw up anything good they ever touch. Their mentorObama showed them the way to “fundamentally transform America” to complete disaster.