Explosive! Leaked Audio of ChiComs Discussing Invading Taiwan


The Times of India reports an unprecedented and explosive audio leak of a top-secret meeting of the People’s Liberation Army that reveals China’s detailed plan to attack Taiwan.

Experts say that the audio clip posted on the YouTube channel of Lude media appears authentic.


Never before, not in the history of the People’s Republic of China, has a recording of a top-secret meeting of military command leaked, Times of India reports.

The contents of the audio clearly show that the meeting was to discuss pre-war preparation. A lot of people are speaking in the audio.

Taiwan Straits

The May 14 meeting allegedly highlighted Guangdong’s importance to China both generally and especially during wartime preparations. Guangdong is located along the north shore of the South China Sea. It’s almost directly west of the Taiwan Strait. The Strait is a narrow body of water separating Taiwan from China. In addition to its strategically significant location, Guangdong is considered highly valuable for its manufacturing industry, which centers upon the province’s rich Pearl River Delta and is responsible for much of China’s domestic and foreign economic output, Breitbart reports.

Taiwan News says the leaked audio reveals Chinese commanders planning mobilization for war with Taiwan.

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1 year ago

The CCP owns the Obiden Junta. They placed them in power and they know their time to take Taiwan is rapidly closing. The time is opportune as US military supplies have been stripped to send munitions to Ukraine and they can expect the Obiden Junta will only reply with the same  ineffective, almost laughable sanctions employed against Russia. While the PLA overwhelms Taiwan we’ll be fortunate the Russians are not on  their way to Berlin. Meanwhile, let us pray that the nukes stay in their respective bunkers. This war will get very bad very fast. 

1 year ago

The CCP has been talking about invading Taiwan for Decades. So, what’s new. Oh yea, we have a Traitor in the White House!