Comrade Biden’s FBI plans to enforce vaccine passports


Last week,  Joe Biden announced that the White House is working with Big Tech companies to create a “vaccine passport” system. States like New York already announced a vaccine passport system and it requires a release of medical records.

The Left has ruined lives and businesses, yet they are opening up now in New York when the numbers are surging. It suggests they know the lockdown’s a failure. They plan to continue the abuse with vaccine passports.

It is conceivable that unvaccinated Americans won’t be able to go to a store or enjoy a movie without being vaccinated.

The unholy alliance of government and Big Tech will work on the passport system. It means these people will have private medical information. Forget HIPPA. Do you trust Big Tech with your most private information?

The CDC recently published COVID-19 vaccine cards online for people to download but the FBI is now saying that printing and using the forms may be a crime.

Why did the CDC put them online and why is the FBI threatening to throw people in jail over nothing? Obviously, the FBI is planning to enforce the vaccine passports.

The Biden administration wants the government to control everything and everyone.

There is a lot of corruption there.

Biden promised the vaccine passports would not be federally mandatory, but if you can’t go back to live your life, what difference does it make?

The Left deprived us of a livelihood for a year and now they want to continue to deprive us of living a normal life. They are the worst kind of tyrants. Biden is a despot.

Last week, CNN TV doctor Leana Wen confessed that they need more time to get 100% of the people vaccinated.

They want to control everything we do. Tucker warned last December that Biden and his allies want a Chinese-style democracy. They’ve silenced us, bankrupted us, and put us completely under their domination.

These madmen condemn a harmless Georgia voter ID law but at the same time want to require us to have a vaccine passport to just live our lives.

If the government does it, the powerful and rich who run these corporations will follow suit.  They are all bullies who stand to benefit from our enslavement to them.

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  1. Being an outcast isn’t so bad especially when a society has gone Terminal Madness.
    The Big Steal is just the final fatal symptom for a profoundly sick society of selfish slobs.
    Meanwhile in Ukraine the Big Show is warming up and the real excitement is about to begin.
    Treaty bound to come to the aid of the CPUSA cookie jar and comrade kommissar Chou Bai Den doesn’t want what happened there reaching the outside world where they still practice journalism.
    The FIB? Bwahahha, LOL!

  2. If the FBI does do this, then the most likely result will be all of Law Enforcement becoming targets of opportunity. Once that happens Big Blue Cities will make Beirut look like a Holiday Camp. Traitor Joe is eroding the fabric of America faster than I ever thought possible. We are witnessing a massive insanity taking over the Federal Government.

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