Comrade Feinstein on Hot Mic with Chairman Chuck Grassley


A hot mic picked up an exchange between Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking member Dianne Feinstein. Grassley had just abruptly adjourned the committee’s Friday morning hearing.

After Flake spoke, Grassley ended, citing the “two-hour rule”, which surprised Flake and Feinstein.

Poor Di. She was taken aback and wanted Flake to keep carrying on so she and her comrades could bloviate some more. Sounds like he had enough. So many of us have as well. Flake was taken in by Soros operatives and should hide his head in shame for his abject stupidity.

Leftists are appalled by Grassley’s move. They weren’t done blabbering.

Flake’s expression when he was stopped from pontificating.

Even Maggie Haberman doesn’t believe Dianne Feinstein’s claims. It’s time to investigate her and her love of Chinese spies too.

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