Confidential Human Source Arrested by “Criminals” – Update


Update: Mr. Smirnov, who was arrested this week, was not used at all and is not important to the impeachment investigation of Joe Biden. The FBI told the GOP that the source – Smirnov – was the most credible in the Bureau and had worked for them for fifteen years. Also, the House only investigated the source because the FBI recommended him but didn’t use him because they didn’t know who he was. The FBI said they had to keep his identity secret. 

This arrest does not affect the investigation. The House committee has plenty of evidence.

Mr. Smirnov was arrested, then released, and arrested again today. It’s strange.

Original Story

Do you remember how adamant the FBI, the DOJ, and the media were about never revealing a confidential human source? Outing them puts them in grave danger. Apparently, if you are a source who says something negative about the Bidens, they will reveal your name and put you in grave danger.

That is the case of Alexander Smirnov, who is now in grave danger because he has been a confidential human source for a decade. The government kept that a secret until he said something negative about Joe and Hunter Biden. From Mr. Smirnoff, we got the information in Form 1023 and discovered that Hunter and Joe Biden each received $5,000,000 in bribes from Burisma titan in Ukraine.

Greg Kelly went through the indictment on his show last night. This is a brief summary.

The FBI was infuriated when bombshell information came out about the coerced bribes and Form 1023. They sent a letter to Chairman Comer saying that we can’t do this to our confidential human sources. The FBI said that it not only puts the source in grave danger but also greatly endangers the family of the source. These sources talk to criminals and terrorists.

I guess that’s no longer an issue for them.

They are now trying to ensnare Mr. Smirnov in a perjury trap. Go through the report, and you will find the quibbling over dates of 2015 or 2016.

They say in the charging documents that the defendant provided false and derogatory information to the FBI about a public official, one an elected official in the Obama-Biden administration who left office in January 2017 [Joe Biden] and the other a [monkey] business person [Hunter]. They claim it was 2017 and that Biden was no longer in office.

The truth is that Biden and Hunter had been in contact with Burisma well before 2017. The FBI is pretending that Joe Biden has no value as ex-VP, which is nonsense, of course.

Four days before he left office on January 16, 2017, as VP, Biden went to Ukraine and told the president he would keep in touch every few weeks.

Remember the phone call between Biden and Ukraine President Poroshenko in which Poroshenko said he couldn’t find any corruption tied to prosecutor Shokin but asked him to resign, which he did? Poroshenko said he was “keeping his promise.” Biden’s response was “Great.” This was after Biden publicly said he wanted him fired, or he’d keep the billion dollars in US Aid.

The FBI is working for the Democrats and giving Joe Biden the advantage. This move also messages sources and potential whistleblowers to never cooperate with the FBI’s political opponents.


U.S. v Alexander Smirnov Indictment.pdf [PDF, 1 MB]

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