Confirmation! Brennan Launched the Russia-Trump Probe with Harry Reid’s Help


As we detailed here, former CIA director and Communist John Brennan colluded with foreign powers in a massive political espionage scheme. The purpose was to defeat Donald Trump.

Brennan voted for a Soviet-tied Communist as President during the Cold War. He might still have the mind of a Communist, judging from his unethical and possibly illegal manipulations in the Trump-Russia collusion tale.

Currently, John Brennan attacks President Trump non-stop on Twitter and as a commentator at MSNBC/NBC. He has a lot to lose if his role in the Russia-Trump probe is investigated.

It was John Brennan who grabbed onto the crackpot idea that originally came from the Estonians who were afraid Trump would pull out of NATO and wanted him defeated. The idea was that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russian Federation.

This isn’t guesswork. Brennan has taken credit for initiating the Russia-Trump investigation.

Kimberly Strassel, in an article at the Wall Street Journal, reminds us of Brennan’s claims.


In May 2017, Brennan explained that he became “aware of intelligence and information about contacts between Russian officials and U.S. persons.” The CIA can’t investigate U.S. citizens, but he made sure that “every information and bit of intelligence” was “shared with the bureau,” meaning the FBI. This information, he said, “served as the basis for the FBI investigation.”

Strassel said her sources told her he was overstating his role, nonetheless, the former adviser to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, saw himself in the leadership role in pressuring the FBI to act.

He couldn’t do it alone and, as we explained in a previous article, he had already enlisted foreign spies in his efforts. James Clapper and the FBI were not buying it.

John Brennan called on Harry Reid to aid and abet his scheme. In a late August briefing, he told the Senate minority leader that Russia was trying to help Mr. Trump win the election, and that Trump advisers might be colluding with Russia. [There is still no evidence]

On cue and within a few days of the briefing, Strassel writes,, Mr. Reid wrote a letter to Mr. Comey, which of course immediately became public. “The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount,” wrote Mr. Reid, going on to float Team Clinton’s Russians-are-helping-Trump theory. Mr. Reid publicly divulged at least one of the allegations contained in the infamous Steele dossier, insisting that the FBI use “every resource available to investigate this matter.”

Fusion GPS followed up by briefing their allies.


On Sept. 23, Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff ran the headline: “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.”

The collusion narrative was now public and so was the information that the FBI was investigating the possibility.

The dossier was accepted as intelligence although it was nothing more than gossip from Russian spies gathered by subcontractors hired by British ex-spy Christopher Steele. The gossip dossier was opposition research funded by Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Fusion GPS had hired Steele.

Ms. Strassel concludes: In their recent book “Russian Roulette,” Mr. Isikoff and David Corn say even Mr. Reid believed Mr. Brennan had an “ulterior motive” with the briefing, and “concluded the CIA chief believed the public needed to know about the Russia operation, including the information about the possible links to the Trump campaign.”


The release of the heavily redacted FISA documents supports Ms. Strassel’s timeline and more. The only evidence so far as can be determined from the documents, is the outlandish dossier.

The information from the dossier was given to Harry Reid by John Brennan and then presented as confirmation of the fake circular evidence in the dossier.

“Senate Minority Leader” Harry Reid’s 2016 letter to Comey is actually cited in the FISA warrant as “evidence” to spy on the campaign. In other words, it cites information Reid got from John Brennan who got it from the Clinton dossier.

That is certainly circular evidence.

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5 years ago

The CIA may not be involved domestically, But, the FBI an CIA do work together, specifically after 1996 legislation.

From Joint CIA-FBI Press Release on Arrest of Harold Nicholson, Nov. 18, 1996.

The Chief of CIA’s Counterespionage Group is a senior FBI official who has full access to CIA’s most sensitive counterintelligence data and is thus in a position to fully coordinate the joint effort of both organizations.

The Chief of CIA’s Counterespionage Group is assisted by deputies from both the security and operational disciplines at CIA and has at least one FBI Special Agent on the Counterespionage staff full-time.

Section 811 of the Fiscal Year 1995 Intelligence Authorization Act requires immediate notification to the FBI whenever there are indications that classified information may have been disclosed without authorization to a foreign power.

Remember Strzok texted: “Just got an Agency coin. With Brennan’s signature ;).

Some will say his designation “Section Chief Counterespionage section” is CIA but more likely the FBI section.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

So the link between the FBI and CIA to work together was simple, with Strzok referencing it. It’s an espionage operation, from the uranium sale, to Foundation donations, to Hillary’s emails, to spying on Trump.

Guaca Mole
Guaca Mole
3 years ago
Reply to  V.Lombardi

Crossfire hurricane