Congress to give Pakistan $$$ as they free Daniel Pearl’s killer, refuse to free doctor who led us to Osama


Pakistan will NOT release the doctor who led US forces to Osama Bin Laden. However, Pakistan WILL release the killer who beheaded an American.

Congress is handling this by giving Pakistan 24 million dollars of taxpayer money. NOT SATIRE!

Among the handouts in the $900 billion stimulus bill that ostensibly is to help Americans survive the impact of the coronavirus lockdowns is $10 million devoted to “gender programs.”

And that’s for Pakistan, not for American citizens.

How does Congress justify this?


Pakistan is releasing Omar Sheikh, a British born terrorist, who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. Some Americans excuse it by blaming Trump for pardoning four [wrongfully convicted] Blackwater soldiers.

Doctor Shakil Afridi, started a fake vaccination program to both locate bin Laden and attempt to get his DNA. His reward was for the U.S. to leave him in Pakistan and let Pakistan know who he was.

The doctor tried to escape after the raid and within days of the May 2nd raid, without having received any help from us for himself or his family, he was languishing in prison.

At some point after the assassination, U.S. blabbermouths confirmed that Dr. Afridi conducted the operation and Afridi then disappeared for a year. He was held by a tribal council and tortured during that time.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Fox News: “From what I’m hearing, we did pretty much nothing…We did nothing diplomatically at all, didn’t raise a finger. … From what my sources tell me, we did nothing to try and help this guy.”

Afridi’s role in the capture was later confirmed by Leon Panetta who acknowledged publicly on January 27th 2012 that a Pakistani doctor provided key information to the U.S. in advance of the successful Navy SEAL assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Specifically, Panetta told CBS’s “60 Minutes” in 2012 that Shakil Afridi helped provide intelligence for the raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Panetta said he is “very concerned” for the doctor.

Panetta confirmed Dr. Afridi’s role without helping him, becoming a catalyst for Dr. Afridi’s 33-year prison term. He handed them the evidence to convict him on all but a silver platter. Biden later reaffirmed Dr. Afridi’s role but falsely claimed that Afridi wasn’t really any help. Now Dr. Afridi is all but forgotten.

We also abandoned the family.


And, now, we are rewarding Pakistan with $24 million of taxpayer dollars as we wallow in untenable debt. They slaughtered Daniel Pearl brutally. Our Congress is supporting these people. It’s evil, and it’s taxation without representation.

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Always Watching
Always Watching
2 years ago

About that money going to the Caribbean, read yesterday that CCP is making inroads in that area and it is very close to America, almost Cuba close.
Even the NY Slimes reported on this back in November a few days after the Big Steal.

Paki Kebab Shack
Paki Kebab Shack
2 years ago

Wasn’t there a transformative political figure who just loves Pockey-Schtan? (not satire)
Brutal pic with the pistol to the head…how peaceful.