Conservative banned from owning a gun by the FBI without cause


Laura Loomer, a conservative firebrand who ran for Congress and who some say is far-right, has been banned from owning a gun. It is seemingly without cause. She said the FBI is responsible and did it after she critiqued Comey’s lies in his book.

The Sentinel doesn’t know much about Ms. Loomer although we have posted a few of her videos on this website.

We have one of her clips in which she ran up on the stage of a play in a New York City park in which the actors pretend Donald Trump is Julius Cesar. They acted out the stabbing. That was okay but she was loud and voiced her concerns. That was not okay.

Another time, she interrupted an Islamic group, thought to be extreme.

Still, another video she posted showed one of our New York radicals ranting about Texas trying to outlaw Sharia Law in the USA.

She has been depicted as anti-Muslim but she says she is anti-radical Islam.

Whether you agree with her controversial tactics like chaining herself to Twitter or not, she does not appear to be crazy or dangerous. She is an activist, that’s all.
Ms. Loomer said, the government is taking her rights away and she has sent out this warning:

My speech on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been banned and eliminated.

My ability to conduct business on PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe and other financial institutions has been banned.

Chase Bank once shut down my online banking.

Comcast blocked my congressional campaign from sending texts and emails to voters while they donated to my opponent.

Even my ability to travel has all been restricted, as I am permanently banned on Uber and Lyft.

I can’t even have a sandwich delivered because I’ve been banned on UberEats.

What I haven’t shared with you is that last year, I found out my 2nd Amendment rights have also been stripped without warning or explanation.

That’s right, I – a young woman who faces constant death threats – cannot own or possess a firearm for my own personal protection. My 2nd Amendment right has been BANNED.

While I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally unfit by a judge, my name was placed in the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and I have been prohibited from ever owning or even touching a firearm.

Ms. Loomer said she has been “red-flagged” and this is the letter she received.

We don’t know what they have in their database, but only the FBI can put someone in the NICS database, according to Ms. Loomer.

Ms. Loomer explains why she thinks this happened:

[She landed on] this secret “no buy” list shortly after I questioned the former FBI director James Comey at his first book signing event about a number of lies in his published memoir. I was acting entirely legally in my role as an investigative journalist and as an attendee of the event.

As a result, I’ve lost my rights to protect myself and my home.

The BidenBama government wants to take away the guns and the speech rights of anyone who opposes them and their tyrannical authority. That makes this story very alarming.

You can read her story on this link.


Correction: We updated the article to more accurately reflect the egregious nature of this attack on Ms. Loomer.

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