Sen. Biden Promoted Harsh Penalties for Holding Crack — Hunter Video Shows He Missed That Message


Sen. Biden Promoted Harsh Penalties for Holding Crack. Hunter Video Shows He Missed That Message.

In 1991, Delaware Senator Joe Biden gave a fiery speech praising harsh crack possession laws.

A piece of crack cocaine the “the size of a quarter” would get the holder 5 years in jail, with “no probation”. “Judge doesn’t have a choice.” according to

Under the forfeiture statute “the government can take everything you
own”. Biden cited specifics for those who may have been unsure by saying, “Your car, your house, your bank account.”

Then he went on, in typical Biden paper tiger bravado, to claim “I don’t care why they become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society. They are in jail! Away from my mother, your husband. Our family.

He continued. “So I don’t want to ask what made them do this. They must be taken off the streets!”

Hunter, in the side by side video obviously did not get that ominous message.

More likely, he had no fear of being locked up for 5 years with no hope of probation, or having the feds “take everything” he owned.

That would be the kind of sentence reserved by minorities caught with that quarter sized piece of crack cocaine, not the white privileged son of an American VP or president.

As for keeping crack possessing sociopaths off the streets, Joe’s done a pretty good job of that with Hunter. Epic fail in keeping him away from family though.

Just ask Hunter’s ex-wife, his sister-in-law lover, and that baby mama he tried to ditch.




  1. Gary Webb is laughing in the journalist Valhalla.
    I raise my cup of energy drink to all real journalists.
    The truth is the only thing worthwhile in this fallen world and what we are witnessing with the COV hysteria is people afraid of Judgment and where they might end up.
    Be not afraid, proceed every more boldly are commands and disobedience to evil is serving the Lord.

    Know God, know life and liberty.
    No God, no life or liberty.

  2. The Government isn’t going to do anything about Hunter Biden and the Politicians aren’t going to do anything about Traitor Joe! That leaves the people too few options.

  3. China Joe Biden can barely remember where he is from day to day. I hate to say it but it’s going to take his nare’ do well son to OD before he’ll say anything. I think this whole family is dysfunctional.

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