Constitutional Lawyer: He Can Still Run for Office; Trump Responds


Judge Merchan will sentence Donald Trump four days before the Republican convention. It doesn’t get more political than that. Andrea Catsimatidis said donations are pouring in.


Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall reports that Donald Trump can still run for office. He does not have to stop his campaign. The verdict will be appealed, and he can ask for sentencing delayed until after the election.

KrisAnne said that Judge Merchan should be sanctioned by the New York Bar Association. She said, “It should be the easiest appeal in the history of American Law.

America First Legal Releases Statement Following the Politically-Motivated Conviction of President Trump by Soros DA in Manhattan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) issued the following statements from AFL President Stephen Miller and AFL Executive Director, Executive Vice President, and General Counsel Gene Hamilton in response to the partisan conviction of President Donald J. Trump by Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg in New York City:

“This is evil communist lawfare—a vile, hideous, disfiguring attack on American democracy and American elections. Joe Biden and the Left are systematically demolishing and dismantling American institutions in their ruthless pursuit of power. President Trump is being subjected to Marxist oppression, the likes of which we’d never thought we would see in this country. All our rules smashed and broken. Justice in tatters. The Constitution set ablaze. A sad, sad day for freedom and for America. This is the road to serfdom — unless this Marxist lawfare is stopped, halted, and reversed and democracy restored,” said Stephen Miller.

“This is truly a tragic day in our history. With this trial and this verdict, the radical left has made clear their intentions for anyone who stands in the way of achieving their radical agenda. There is no law they will not break, no lie they will not tell, no ethical or moral boundary they will not cross to achieve their ends. This is not the system our Founding Fathers designed. This is not the system that brave men and women fought and died to obtain and preserve. President Trump will prevail in the end, but this entire endeavor has been orchestrated and implemented in a manner that would make even the most ardent Marxist blush,” said Gene Hamilton.

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Donald Trump says the real verdict is November 5th:

The corrupt Joe Biden will give a campaign speech this evening; undoubtedly, he will lie as usual. He will also be as vicious as possible.

Biden will either appeal to Trump supporters or trash them.

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