Stalinesque NYC Court Finds Trump Guilty on All Counts – Updated Again


I’ll keep updating this for a while.

A corrupt judge, corrupt prosecutors, and a Democrat jury found Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts. He faces over 100 years in prison.

Don’t be surprised if Merchan imprisons or remands him to his home eventually.

Some lawyers are saying that this means the following, but it’s not true:
  1. Trump is no longer eligible to run for president and must withdraw immediately. The Constitution prohibits anyone with a criminal conviction from running. Nikki Haley will be the nominee since she finished second.

  2. Double Jeopardy and full faith and credit require that he be convicted of all pending charges in other states without a trial.

  3. He cannot appeal this one Because he has already appealed the E. Jean Carrot verdict. You only get one like a jury strike, and he used it.

I can’t stand Nikki Haley.

I spoke with a constitutional attorney who will write something for us. He does NOT have to drop out.

Some Responses:

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