Contact tracers can issue subpoenas, get you arrested, obliterating your rights


New Yorkers have new masters at COVID compliance. They now have the power to issue subpoenas forcing the general public to comply with COVID compliance contact tracers. You have no right to remain silent.

Not only that, but any New Yorker who refuses to answer their interrogation questions is also subject to arrest.

Who knows where it goes from there. Apparently, their power is infinite.

The process of “Contact Tracing” permits the state authority to identify the travel, contacts, and associated risks presented by anyone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus.

In other words, you then lose your constitutional rights in the communist republic of New York. They can force you to answer.

If a parent tests positive, the state can control that person’s activity. It might include the removal of any children into the care of the state or saving the minor child from the threat their parent(s) present.  There are slews of new roles and responsibilities for the state in the life of a person who tests positive.

The excuse for taking away one’s rights is they didn’t cooperate. Once that’s the law, they can compel you to do anything.

“We are not receiving the necessary cooperation when we contact those who are positive for COVID-19 or those who had been at some of these gatherings,” Rupert said. “My staff has been told that a person does not wish to or have to speak to my disease investigators. They hang up, they deny being at the party, even though we have found their name from another party attendee, or a parent provides us with the information.”

“Many do not answer their cell phones and do not call back,” she added. “Sometimes parents answer for their adult children and promise that they have been home consistently when they have not been. This must stop.”

So, they simply take your rights away.

If you like what’s going on comrades, vote for Joe Biden, knowing he is controlled by communists.

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