COP28 Finds the Cause of Climate Change: White People


Every radical cause is part of the climate agenda.  Communism, dismantling everything a white person has created, wealth redistribution, an end to meat eating, gender ideology, eliminating cars and planes, destroying our energy sector, and even the destruction of Israel, the destruction of the US, anti-capitalism, all are being pushed upon us in the name of climate.

Earth Island Journal explains how white supremacy causes climate change. It seems that “embedded in the theory of racial supremacy is the theory of human supremacy over nature, which has brought environmental calamity upon us.”

“Climate change is the legacy of extraction, of colonialism, of slavery,” says Elizabeth Yeampierre, climate justice activist.

According to the UN, a set of legal principles known as the ‘Doctrine of Discovery,’ originating in the 15th century, is “the shameful root of all the discrimination and marginalization faced by Indigenous Peoples today.” In South America, the colonial expropriation of Indigenous lands was legitimized through ideas of ‘wildness’ and ‘emptiness.’

Craig Rucker writes: The reality of these COP meetings is quite different. The heroes are not selfless defenders of “truth and justice.” They are elites who never lead by example or give up their private jets, limos, red meat, and other conveniences for the betterment of humanity. They indulge in them every year, as I have seen firsthand, basking in the opulence of exotic cities like Dubai while insisting that others (we commoners) follow their dictates, not their examples.

For excellent coverage of COP28 climate scam, try C-Fact on this link.

Watch the COP28 virtuous people “who came from the mud” complain about the colonizers, the white supremacists [European white people] who caused climate change. The Blaze narrators are funny.

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