US Accused of Starting a Color Revolution in Serbia


There are reports that a color revolution is currently taking place in Serbia after the European liberals lost the election. The opposition forces are holding pro-democracy protests (pro-Western), demanding the anulment of elections due to irregularities. The US and Europe support the demonstrators who lost the election.

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of President Aleksandar Vucic won the most seats in the Belgrade City Assembly. The opposition Serbia Against Violence (SPN) alliance claims voter fraud achieved the outcome.

Opposition activists and students clashed with police during the fresh anti-government protest in Serbia’s capital; more than 30 people were detained while the opposition called for a fresh rally on Monday.

During a demonstration in front of the Republican Election Commission last Monday, leading Serbian statistician Milorad Kovacevic and several of his associates were reportedly attacked by activists. Police seized several knives and bats from protesters, local media said. [The US supports these election fraud riots as opposed to J6]

Dimitrije Dimic, a representative of the students who gathered under the name “Fight,” said on Sunday Belgrade will be blocked from Monday if Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic does not agree to cancel the elections on Monday and review all reported irregularities.

Meanwhile, Serbian President Vucic said the protests were “plotted in advance,” of which the government “has solid evidence.” Vucic also suggested the unrest was instigated from abroad.

President Vucic denounced the riot, calling it an attempted “color revolution” and claiming that a foreign nation had warned his government about the threat beforehand. Prime Minister Ana Brnabiс thanked the Russian special services for providing intelligence to Belgrade.

Addressing the nation during the protest outside Belgrade city hall, he called the demonstrators “thugs” who would not succeed in destabilizing the state and said, “This is not a revolution.”

Fox News Reports:

  • The European Union and the United States have jointly called on Serbia to address concerns related to its electoral process.
  • Independent observers identified troubling issues, including vote buying, media bias and improper influence, giving an unfair advantage to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party.
  • Preliminary results from the state election commission indicate that the party secured 46.72% of the votes.

The irony of the US complaining about a tainted electoral process will not escape many Americans.

The U.S. State Department said on Tuesday it was reviewing the findings of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) observer mission. Washington urged Serbia to work with the OSCE to address “unjust conditions” surrounding the electoral process, Fox reports.

The OSCE agrees.

In the least, the US is interfering in Serbia’s elections because the progressives won, and not the populists. In the US, they want the populists to lose. More irony!

The holy day probably has nothing to do with anything:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

While China systematically is taking over on Earth, using economic methods to take control of nations, the USA makes trouble. USA instigations give China cover.

2 months ago

Peaches and cream, peaches and cream,
we’re the people of the Globalist team,
we’re not rough, we’re not tough,
we win games by protest.

2 months ago

Jail the insurrectionists and all that support them…