Cori Bush Nukes The Declaration of Independence, Wants Money


Marxist Democrat Rep. Cori Bush decided Independence Day was the right day to nuke the Declaration of Independence and demand reparations.

“The Declaration of Independence was written by enslavers and didn’t recognize Black people as human.” Cori Bush said.

“Today is a great day to demand Reparations Now ✊🏾” she said.

As long as we’re talking reparations, since Barack Obama’s ancestors owned slaves, he needs to pay reparations.

Cori Bush and other radical Marxist Democrats want $14 trillion in reparations. They must have used common core math.

Rep. Cori Bush, an economic illiterate, wants $14 trillion in reparations payments for Jim Crow (Democrat laws). The US revenue in fiscal year 2023 is only estimated at $4.71 trillion. Even if you could give them $14 trillion, it wouldn’t end there. Marxists are never satisfied.

ABC News reports:

For the first time, the extensive history of the enslavement of Africans, post-Jim Crow discrimination, and other racially charged subjects has been entered into the congressional record — and repairing the lasting damage these institutions caused will have a hefty price tag, according to one Democratic lawmaker.

In 23-page legislation introduced Thursday, Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., called on Congress to adopt several measures aimed at righting historic wrongs, including urging the federal government to issue federal reparations to Black Americans and other reparatory justice efforts. A minimum of $14 trillion would be needed “to eliminate the racial wealth gap that currently exists between Black and White Americans,” the resolution argues.

“The United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its lasting harm on the lives of millions of Black people in the United States,” H.R. 414 declares.

No one in this country has a moral and legal obligation to fork over $14 trillion to people who didn’t earn it. Cori and her Marxist ilk are poorly educated.

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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
5 months ago

Trump did more in is first two years that the Democrats have ever done for African Americans.