Corporate cancels Sen Hawley’s book for doing nothing wrong



Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

~ John F. Kennedy

Simon and Schuster canceled the publication of Senator Hawley’s book after he expressed his viewpoint, represented his voters, and advanced his opinion courageously within the law during yesterday’s hearing. He had nothing to do with the mob of about 70 who rioted or wandered illegally in the Capitol building during what was otherwise a mostly peaceful protest.

We will never have unity with these corporate shills shutting down free speech. Senator Hawley needs to sue.

The company claimed the ‘insurrection’ threatened democracy and freedom. They didn’t explain how Senator Hawley was responsible for it.

In no way did Senator Hawley present a threat to democracy and freedom, but corporate shills denying free speech will threaten both.

We can’t keep letting these people get away with silencing Americans they disagree with. We no longer have free speech in this country. Corporations decide what free speech we will have.

Technically, corporations don’t have to abide by the First Amendment, but at some point the all-powerful technocracy can’t keep silencing Americans.

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