Corporations are now in charge of American values, you will be assimilated


The globalist corporations including the Big Techs now own us. Large corporations no longer respond to the free market since they are rich and powerful monopolies. They are Big Brother.

If you don’t conform to their will, they will ban you, isolate you, and demonize you. They take away your right to speak, to own guns, and to have privacy. If you are pro-life, they will destroy you, and if religion gets it their way, they will destroy that too.

Look at what is going on with Georgia’s abortion law. The Sentinel strongly supports Georgia’s right to pass the law whether we agree with it or not. Not so with Disney CEO Bob Iger. He will take Disney out of Georgia if they sign the abortion bill and it becomes law. The Disney boss is telling Georgians they cannot have an abortion bill that conflicts with his worldview.

Netflix is threatening Georgia also.

These hypocrites film in countries where abortion is banned and gays are persecuted. Their concern is only about power, not values.

The Georgians voted for this and are entitled to this law. It’s the way our government is supposed to work, but these powerful corporations are the same people who want a feudal state without an Electoral College where coastal states making all the decisions.

The tech giants are changing the way we view our right to free speech. It’s only free if they say it is.  They ban right-wing pages and websites, but the left can threaten to kill the President and terror groups like Hezbollah can continue to spew their hate.

Try and post facts about guns and see how many hits it gets. Compare a search using Google with DuckDuckGo and you will get a clearly biased result on Google.

If you try to manufacture or sell guns, some banks and companies will try to take your livelihood away by bankrupting you or preventing you from opening accounts.

People who work for Google can’t survive if they don’t blather the leftist values.

Citizens can’t win by boycotting, all the power and wealth is with the large corporations. They now boycott the right, and they own all the means of communication and attempt to control education.

The new ideology these dangerous people try to inflict on America is that a minority of rich leftists have the right to inflict their values on the rest of us, using whatever means necessary.

It’s no longer just big government we need to fear most, it’s large corporations.

They will force you to use incorrect pronouns to describe people who say you should. For example, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy has been banned for life from Twitter for refusing to use transgender pronouns. The social media giants are demanding we conform to the values. They will ban you if they think your message is hateful and it’s hateful if you disagree with them on politics or morals.

Prager U has had more than 100 of their videos banned, and the one on this link was banned. Another one of their videos was banned as not suitable for children and the title was, ‘Why did America fight the Korean War.’ The problem they had with that is it exposed communism for what it is.

They are way too powerful now that so many are monopolies, they don’t have values, and they don’t care about you.



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John S
John S
4 years ago

These corporations may try, but they can’t ban the Second Amendment. How would they ban 100 million weapons owners with causing a civil war and their destruction?

4 years ago
Reply to  John S

Good point, John. Our 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT given to all American citizens and recognized as such by our founders who added the Bill of Rights to our Constitution. They also recognized our rights as God given to us as individuals meaning that no politician nor vote of the majority can take them away.