Corrupt, frauds, NBC/MSNBC rigged ‘Shoe Leather’ Biden town hall


Corrupt NBC/MSNBC rigged the Joe Biden town hall.

Two “undecided” voters who appeared on an NBC News town hall with Joe Biden that has been described as a “staged infomercial” for the Democratic nominee had earlier voiced their support for the former vice president on MSNBC, according to a report. There were no follow up questions. It was a joke.

Peter Gonzalez and Ismael Llano posed questions to the Democratic presidential nominee at the town hall Monday in Miami as part of an “audience of undecided Florida voters.”

MSNBC knew this was fraudulent since the two of them appeared on MSNBC in August as Biden supporters, the Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday.

“If we get four more years of Trump, good luck, and good luck with the future attracting younger voters,” Gonzalez said on MSNBC.

He and Llano were identified as “voting for Biden.”

“Something that Joe Biden said during his speech that resonated with me was what defines America is a possibility,” Llano said in the same broadcast.

At the town hall, NBC News anchor Lester Holt said Llano “voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago but has voted Republican in the past.”

And Gonzalez, whose voting history wasn’t mentioned in the town hall, asked Biden if he is beholden to “the radical left.”

“Cuban American and Venezuelan voters here in South Florida are being targeted with messages by the Trump campaign claiming that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the radical left and socialism, and even communism,” Gonzalez asked. “What can you tell people in my family, my friends — who are understandably concerned with that issue — that would make them feel comfortable voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?”

Did Holt know? He probably did.

They didn’t sound like they were undecided.

President Trump called it fake news.

Joe, They called him Shoe Leather at the town hall:

More on the joke town hall:

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Time Masheen
Time Masheen
3 years ago

Remember when NBC Dateline staged that fiery GM truck crash and had to settle a lawsuit with Government Motors after issuing a public apology?
Very few results in das search engine but it is not the evil searcher/browser and everything is turned off.
There is this thing called credibility that is hard to get back once you lie to someone.