No charges for Wauwatosa officer! Everything locked down for ‘peaceful protests’

Officer Mensah

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued a decision Wednesday on whether Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah will face criminal charges for the Feb. 2 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Alvin Cole.

There were no charges for Officer Mensah involved in a police shooting of a black teen in #Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in February after he shot at the officer.

Prosecutor Chisholm said, “I do not believe that the State could disprove self-defense or defense of others in this case and therefore could not meet the burden required to charge Officer Mensah.”


The schools have gone virtual and there are concrete barriers around malls. Stores are boarded up and public facilities are shut down. It is all in preparation for Michelle’s ‘peaceful protests’ by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The decision has prompted Wauwatosa officials to shut down City Hall for about three days, beginning at noon Wednesday.


Cole was shot and killed by Mensah outside Mayfair mall in February after a disturbance was reported inside the mall. Mensah fired five shots at Cole, police said.

It was the third fatal shooting involving Mensah in the last five years in Wauwatosa. Chisholm has ruled Mensah’s previous two fatal shootings, of Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson Jr., as justified self-defense.

Alvin Cole, a 17-year-old Milwaukee teenager, was fatally shot by a Wauwatosa police officer on Feb. 2 outside Mayfair mall.

Police said Cole ran from police and fired first with a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun, which was recovered at the scene. The gun was stolen, police said. An investigator said Cole fired accidentally, but he wouldn’t drop his gun when ordered to do so.

Police also said Cole was wearing a fanny pack that contained an extended magazine with 35 rounds in it.

Mensah and his girlfriend were injured when protesters came to his house this summer. Three people were charged after an incident in which a gunshot was fired into the home.  Mensah was suspended for that and is appealing that decision.

Mensah said they came to his house because he was involved in three shootings with the ‘mostly peaceful protesters.’ You can read his written record of events on this link.


A former U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic looked into the most recent shooting at the request of the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission.

His report Wednesday concluded Mensah should be fired because the risk of a fourth shooting is too great.

Police released the video of the shooting:



  1. Guess the rioters have started according to a tweet by Nick Fuentes. Breaking windows out in private homes. Kamala should be happy;)

  2. Das Radio gave a warning to all drivers late last night or early morning to avoid this area.
    The local school is teaching the kids recess and graffiti because we will always be a first world super power with magic chocolate fountains and rainbow unicorns with free underwear and tacos for all.

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