Corrupt Media Continues to Embarrass Itself


When the markets crashed in 2008, Barack Obama and John McCain put their differences aside and helped President George W. Bush. On the other hand, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are doing the opposite. They should all be disqualified. The media should also be discounted and called out for their role in damaging America.

The media decided it was more important to call Republicans racist and xenophobic, for using a term they’ve used for weeks, than to report responsibly about the illness itself. These people are sick. The media needs to learn they can’t call it Wuhan Virus over and over and then condemn others they dislike as racist for calling it Wuhan Virus.

Tucker pointed out the lunacy as well:

NBC News continues to shame itself with the help of PC CDC director Redfield. They think by repeating this nonsense the stupid Americans will do as they’re told and stop using it while calling Republicans racists.


Do we really want a media like China’s or Iran’s?

China also lied, just like our media lies.

Iran lies too and have lost a lot of people to the Wuhan Virus.

US media is doing the work of Chinese government communists.

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