Don’t panic, you’ll die of a heart attack before Wuhan Virus kills you


The Wuhan Virus, as I call it to fight the nonsensical banning of the term by the Chinese government and Democrats, is deadly for some. So far, it is deadly to those with underlying conditions and who are in their later years. Most of those who died were in a Seattle nursing home and the average age of death is 80 years. That is not to diminish its seriousness, it’s just a fact. It also spreads easily. One man in Westchester spread it to at least 50 people.

Twitter is trending “Boomer Remover” and the comments are mostly perverse. The capitalist Boomer generation is reviled by our communist youth. The very people who lure others into their ideology with their identity politics are guilty of stereotyping and targeting people based on identity.

As the disease mutates, its victims could also change. The unknown is unsettling, but more troublesome is the politicization of the disease, the lack of perspective, and the melodrama created by the media.

Containment is a good idea — to a point — it’s just getting so extreme and so damaging to our economy. Are we really going to do this as each new virus appears? It’s not Ebola or Polio.

If we are to believe China, the numbers of infected are declining. South Korea also says they’re over the hump. That’s good news if true.

There is a lot that is not known yet about the illness and we don’t yet have a vaccine. On the other hand, we have a vaccine for the flu each year, but most don’t bother to get it and they freely spread their germs instead. The flu killed 12,000 Americans this past season.

Our fears are ginned up by a corrupt media owned by a very small group of people who have no respect for a neutral press and who live by clicks alone. They are politicizing it and don’t care who they hurt. Democrats have followed suit. Brian Stelter even had the gall to say Republicans were politicizing it.

Ken LaCorte has a neutral news service and he put some figures up that you might find interesting.

About 2.7 million people die each year in America. That’s 7,500 per day or one every 12 seconds. Here are the biggest causes.

  • Heart disease: 635,000
  • Cancer: 598,000
  • Respiratory disease, including flu: 256,000
  • Accidents: 161,000
  • Stroke: 142,000
  • Alzheimer’s: 116,000
  • Diabetes: 80,000
  • Kidney disease: 50,000
  • Suicide: 45,000

As of last night, the United States has 40 reported deaths from COVID-19, with 4,614 deaths worldwide, most are in China.

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