Corrupt NYC DA might criminally charge Trump Org and CFO in Dem witch hunt


Corrupt, leftist Cy Vance, the Manhattan DA said it is likely that he will file criminal charges against the Trump organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg in particular. They’re obviously trying to get to Donald Trump as promised.

Between Vance, who let all the Antifa and BLM terrorists off the hook completely or to some degree, and the DA Letitia James, they will seek vengeance for Trump not having the right opinions.

We don’t know if they evaded the law in any way but we doubt it could be much if it took them five years to find it. What do you think?

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump were warned this week by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that prosecutors soon may criminally charge the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, CNBC reported.

Trump’s lawyers were told that DA Cyrus Vance Jr. is considering charging his company and Weisselberg in connection with fringe benefits Weisselberg received from Trump’s company.

Fringe benefits? Seriously?

People with knowledge of the matter told The New York Times that Vance could announce criminal charges as early as next week if he decides to seek an indictment.

Vance could announce criminal charges as early as next week if he decides to seek an indictment, people with knowledge of the matter told the newspaper.

Trump’s lawyer, Ronald Fischetti, effectively confirmed the Times’ first report of possible criminal charges shortly after it was published online.

Prosecutors are known to be investigating whether taxes were paid on those benefits to Weisselberg and other executives at the Trump Organization for items that include apartments and school tuition.

This is probably all based on testimony and documents from the angry, nasty ex-wife of Weisselberg’s son.

Fischetti in a statement to NBC News said that “there are no charges that are going to be leveled against Mr. Trump himself.”

Cases like this are only pursued in witch hunts.


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