Corrupted US Elections “Since 2012” & Their Rabbit Holes


If you have wondered why Democrats feel so comfortable with a candidate who has dementia and exhibits signs of insanity, you’ve probably explored the idea that they will successfully demonize or imprison the GOP candidate Donald Trump, among other tactics.

Tactics include unsecured drop boxes, deep-pocketed leftists funding ads, free advertisements from Google searches, leftist power alliances feeding their information to the world, controlled social media and legacy media, hackable voting machines, ballot harvesting, mail-in balloting, altered laws at the last minute, lawfare after the election, extended voting, et cetera.

And we have the gall to talk about Russian elections.

A Barry County Sheriff says he has evidence that foreign entities have accessed voting machines, changing the results.

However, there is more, much more.


Emerald Robinson has gone down some rabbit holes, and you might want to read her article on the issue.

Based on information she researched and said to her by a Pentagon official, she explains that the US voting system is basically “a labyrinth of shell companies designed to obscure who owns those machines. They are privately owned, mostly unregulated, and totally fake.”

She notes that the bankrupt company SCYTL handled 78 million votes in 2020 with no chain of custody. It went bankrupt right before the 2020 election.

In “three minutes,” she learned “that SCYTL set up a voting system in Switzerland that was abandoned after Swiss authorities launched a public code review in 2019 where researchers discovered errors in the source code that would allow the system’s operator to alter votes undetected.”

That’s familiar!

The New York Times had to admit:

Scytl, which was started in Spain in 2001, does make software for local election officials, including some in the United States. In the 2020 election, it says, it provided four types of products to local authorities. One is a system that allows election officials to display results from their elections in a user-friendly format. Another product, “electronic ballot delivery,” helps local election officials deliver ballots to absentee voters.

“Ah yes, there’s nothing suspicious about bankrupt Spanish firms being contracted by the Department of Defense to handle electronic ballots in the United States!,” Ms. Robinson said.

There is no chain of custody here!

A former CIA contractor was shocked when Emerald Robinson was shocked. The contractor said, “We haven’t had a fair election in this country since 2012. The electronic voting machines were never really certified since then, too.”

Please read her article here and do your own research. We only have months left until Democrats have their one-party state, which inevitably leads to communism. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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