CDC Warns of Dangerous Contagious Disease Pre-Election


This CDC warns of an increase in global and US measles cases in 2024. We know the infections are coming from illegal aliens who are unvaccinated, but the CDC won’t say that.

The thing that concerns the Sentinel is this alert is coming before the election, and they claim that 58 cases in America across 17 jurisdictions are serious.

They do link the infections to travel. But then they claim it’s travel from Austria, the Philippines, Romania, and the UK. They refuse to implicate illegal immigration even though that’s the obvious cause.

Then they claim that it’s among children aged 12 months and older who just haven’t received the shot, yet again, they ignore the illegal immigration.

They mentioned that measles is highly contagious and can cause severe health complications, including pneumonia, encephalitis, and death.

Those cases are rare, but they won’t tell you that. Most people born before the mid-1960s had measles and it was not a big deal.

Who thinks this will end up in mail-in balloting, which is often corrupt?

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