Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker Rants How We’re All Racists, Bigots


Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker became very emotional as he gave a speech about unity on the Senate floor. The unity he expects is for Republicans to join with Democrats and nothing in between.

Democrats gave their final floor speeches prior to the vote for acquittal on Wednesday. Booker’s speech was somewhat unhinged.

Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker ranted while calling for unity and togetherness. He praised America for always rising to the challenge before condemning Americans as racist bigots.

He is quite upset that the impeachment failed and blames all these American racists.

“And so, yes, today is a sad moment, but we as a nation have never been defined by our darkest hours,” he said. “We have always been defined by how we respond to our challenges, how we have refused to surrender to cynicism. How we’ve refused to give into despair. And so, I fear … mere words in this time are impotent and ineffective. It may mark where we as individuals stand for the record, but the challenge demands more from all of us in this time.”

Booker said he loves our nation’s history, but for all the talk of unity, he then denounced “the low actions from our leaders most high.”

He then basically called America a racist, bigoted country, declaring that “the true test of our democracy will not turn alone on the actions of this body.”

“Because presidents before and this body before has failed us in dark times,” Booker said, speaking of Congress. “They’ve failed the ideals of freedom when time and time again they defended slavery. This body has failed the ideals of liberty when time and time again it rejected civil rights. This body has failed the ideals in the past of equality when it voted down, again and again, suffrage for women.”


The civil rights issues were caused by Democrats, not Republicans. Those Dixiecrats and Jim Crow proponents were Democrats. The KKK were Democrats.

He “fears it’s emblematic.”


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