Could Russia Attack the Arc Integrity, Now Taking 60 Bradley Tanks to Ukraine?


Bradley tanks to Ukraine

Sixty fighting Bradley tanks were put on a US ship, the Arc Integrity, for eventual transport to Ukraine. Professor Sal asks if this is a legitimate target for Russians.

This is similar to how we got into World War I. Germany attacked US Merchant Vessels.

This is the 106th anniversary of Germany declaring warfare against the Allies a second time. That is when Germany sank Merchant ships and killed over 60 sailors.

The question is can Russia attack the Arc Integrity, the ship carrying the Bradley tanks? Look to the 106th anniversary and the beginning of World War I. (Go to about 13:00). Sal doesn’t think so. Any attack on US shipping would be a direct attack on the US. He does not know what Putin would do, but it would be an act of war. That’s why he believes it’s important for US ships to transport the equipment.


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