Savage! Project Veritas Parks an LED Truck Outside NYC Pfizer


Project Veritas is making it difficult for Pfizer to ignore the recent confession by one of their executives, Jordan Trishton Walker. Walker told an undercover reporter for Project Veritas on tape that Pfizer is mutating Coronavirus with directed evolution.  The media is covering for Pfizer by banning the video and ignoring the event. Project Veritas decided to bring some attention to the Walker confession with an LED truck decorated with Mr. Walker and parked in front of Pfizer in Manhattan.

Pfizer responded to the Walker video, and you can read about that that here. We can’t imagine how they’ll respond to the truck if they respond at all.

The clip of the photo-op below is pretty funny. It’s hard to feel sorry for Pfizer after they forced vaccines and mandates on us.

Thomas Massie tweeted, “Pfizer admitted they are creating variants of the virus, and almost everyone ignored it. Meanwhile, YouTube continues to ban the video that forced Pfizer to make this disclosure.”

The truck was clever. The left will hate it. Don’t be surprised if Merrick Garland opens an investigation.

The radical vaccine pushers are still pushing. Have you seen the creepy Martha Stewart ad aimed at convincing you to get vaccinated? The more they shove this down peoples’ throats, the more people investigate and become less interested in it.

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