COV is starting to disappear with Donald Trump out of office


CNN removed their COVID death clock and Andrew Cuomo said the numbers are going down and it’s time to open up. The miracle is coming and COVID will gradually fade away.

They can’t blame Joe Biden for the deaths, after all.

They have also gone from making it easy to test positive for COVID to a bit harder. You need two positive tests to show you have the illness.

See how that works? Donald Trump is out of office and the illness is going to become less important.

And here’s Joe, not a bit worried about wearing a mask now that Donald Trump is out of office. He’s violating his own rule.



  1. Now you know why Joe was in the basement, he was working on the cure!
    He is magic and will lead us to the glorious people’s collective workers utopia.
    I’m lighting a Biden votive candle in the spirit of unity.
    Praise be to the derp state and its glorious mastery of the universe.
    Yes we can!

  2. The picture of Biden is misleading….Dementia Joe had wandered off and one of his staff found him having a conversation with the Lincoln statue. The “mask” story was quick thinking by his handlers.

  3. Biden, Fauci, the WHO and the MSM (Fake News Media) have been lying to us since before the COVID plandemic was instituted.

    It has been noted that deaths from the common flu had all but disappeared prior to Trump’s leaving office. This is because flu deaths were recorded as COVID deaths. Heck, we even had some deaths by gunfire listed as COVID related.

    People dying “with” COVID were recorded as dying “of” COVID.

    The entire plandemic was used as a weapon against Trump.

    God forbid that it should continue to be blamed on our new dictatorial administration!

    The Biden Crime Family and the Democrat controlled Congressional Mafia no longer need COVID lockdowns to destroy the US economy. They can do it by the stroke of a pen with executive orders, regulations imposed by non-elected officials, the $15/hr minimum wage, and by raising taxes to drive the companies that Trump enticed to return to the US back to foreign countries.

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