News Alert! Vaccines and IDs required


The government under Trump was doling out close to 100 million doses of vaccines for 100 days. All we heard from blue state leaders and from the Biden camp was how the White House wasn’t sending them vaccines. The doling out was the disaster, not the management by the blue state leaders.

According to CBS WINS this morning, only 22 states have used 50% or more of their vaccine allotment.

CBS asked Biden if his pledge to dole out 100 million doses is enough since that’s not much more than what is going out now. Biden devolved into his angry, ‘come on, man, give me a break,’ line.

CBS spun it, and all the reporters were ushered out of the room quickly. Such is our Pravda news network.


You should know what is going on in Paterson, New Jersey, a minority city. They announced they had no appointments necessary and the huge lines formed at midnight. As the information evolved, they said only Paterson residents can get the vaccine. But, unlike voting, ID is required.  Since it’s a black area, that must mean black people can get IDs after all.

Then we have Dr. Anthony Fauci who is driving up hysteria, saying the virus is much worse than we thought. But…but…Fauci was in charge. After saying he can now speak freely. Yet, previously, he claimed he always felt free to speak and did so on leftist networks. Fauci also says, we will move ahead without blaming anyone.

That’s your news alert of January 22nd, 2021!

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