Trump impeachment witness hid deep involvement with Steele and the dossier


Newly-released documents reveal that a Trump administration official was a key link between Christopher Steele and his primary source for his dossier on Donald Trump.

Fiona Hill, who served as a witness at the Trump impeachment hearings in 2019, introduced Steele and his eventual source, Igor Danchenko, in 2011.

This information comes from FBI notes.

Hill told Congress that she saw the dossier before it was published, and was “shocked” to learn that Steele had written it. She also said she was concerned that Steele had been taken in by Russian disinformation.

She never revealed how involved she was with Steele and the dossier. In other words, she’s dishonest.

Hill’s role in linking Steele to Danchenko was revealed on Tuesday, with the declassification of notes from interviews that Steele had with investigators working for the special counsel’s office in September 2017.

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