COVID bill keeps getting better and better, and hey, gender equality among statues, baby


The media and the politicians are outright lying to you about the COVID relief bill! Why should we believe anything any of them say again? You proles must be happy with your $600, but a dictator in Nepal is getting millions. We need ten Donald Trumps in charge, but the swamp managed to dispatch the one we had.

The COVID relief bill isn’t really getting better and better. It’s getting worse and worse. We are over $30 trillion in debt and these gasbags in Congress are trying to get us to buy into it for $600 in direct payments and some other small payoffs to the peasants.

All they have to do is open everything back up — carefully — but open up.

At some point, in the near future, we will be unable to pay our bills. China will be at our doorstep much as the Visigoths once were for the Romans.


The bill is a disaster. It forms a ‘climate security advisory council,’ which is another sham for the next catastrophe — the climate! The climate taxes will be global and national. Basically, they want you to believe that if you give up your wealth to the elites, they will somehow save the planet. By the way, the planet is not in danger, and, even if it was, these leftists have no clue. All they have in their idea basket is to bring us back to 1870.

The bill also has $10 million for ‘gender programs’ in Pakistan because the people who put this together are insane.

There is also a section to investigate “1908 Springfield Race Riot.”  If you’re wondering what this has to do with saving our suffering fellow Americans, we couldn’t begin to say.

Then we have the horseracing section. They want to regulate performance-enhancing drugs in horses. The Covid relief bill will make it illegal to give racehorses pain-killers before training or racing. This is a COVID relief bill mind you.

The bill mandates new hiring measures to ensure diversity in the intelligence community. It also includes $1.5 million for the Appropriations Committee’s “Office of Diversity and Inclusion” as well as lots of money for receptions. The elite must party, baby.

There is a section to create a commission tasked with educating “consumers about the dangers associated with using or storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame.”

The Covid relief bill includes funds for a museum that will offer “programming, education, exhibitions” on … “the life, art, history, and culture of women.”

Oh, and this is important, The Covid relief bill outlays funds to address gender inequality amongst statues. I’m so relieved, aren’t you? 

The Covid relief bill also includes $193 million for federal HIV/AIDS workers stationed abroad to buy new cars. Buy them cars and the virus troubles go away.

There is money — lots of it — to discourage teens from hooking up and doing drugs.

Oh, and there’s another $40 million for the Kennedy Center. There’s money for AMTRAK, the floundering NYC MTA, and money for the failing and unaccountable USPS.

Where is our media??? Why the watchdogs are lying and only telling people about the $600 you’ll get here and the $300 you’ll get there. Our media is a disgrace. They’re actually traitors.

And, millions will go to Africa and Asia. Techno Fog posted that and added, ‘they hate you.’ Isn’t that the truth.

We have Americans struggling to survive, watching their livelihoods crash and burn. Children, the neediest, are not getting an education. And these bumbling fools have the unmitigated gall to put this thing forward for us to agree to for $600 that won’t help anyone.

Veto this garbage, President Trump. This is mostly a Democrat bill so prepare yourself, people. This is what you will get over the next four years as they collapse the economy and suck up to our enemies — China and Iran most especially.


Climate Advisory Council

$10 Million for Gender Programs in Pakistan

A 1908 Riot Study





Millions to Africa and Asia

The spending bill agreed to today amounts to 2.4 trillion with $900 billion for COVID relief.

The measure includes another round of funding for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program; an extension of boosted federal unemployment benefits at $300 a week and a second $600 stimulus check for the majority of U.S. households. Other components of the deal include funding for vaccine distribution, education, transportation, and health care.

Read a summary of what the media wants you to know on this link.

Read the actual bill on this link.

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