Man who raped his child will get taxpayer-funded transgender surgery


In 2007 Mark Allen Campbell, who now calls himself Nicole Rose Campbell, of Waupun, Wisconsin was arrested for sexually assaulting and abusing his 10-year-old daughter. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison. In December 2020 a federal judge declared that Campbell at age 49, now identifying as a transgender woman, has a Constitutional right to gender affirmation surgery, paid by the taxpayers.

He is currently allowed to walk around in women’s clothing and he wears makeup in the prison.


Since 2013, he has tried to get transgender surgery and eventually won the lawsuit in 2020 to get the state to pay for his ‘medical needs.’

In the decision, Judge Peterson argued, “To be clear: an inmate’s criminal history is irrelevant to whether she has a right to necessary medical treatment.” He also argued that despite the fact not all transgender people need surgery and that many can be treated for gender dysphoria without it, that “Campbell continues to suffer from gender dysphoria, which causes her anguish and puts her at risk of self-harm or suicide.”

He’s a Real Success Story

LGBTQ Nation promoted his cause saying the surgery was his/her human right.

What about the human right of his child, the one he raped? Why do taxpayers have to pay for surgery when he obviously needs therapy.

Campbell is no victim. Campbell repeatedly and over time sexually abused his/her daughter and was convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child. His/her daughter told investigators that her father, “[Had] sex with her, masturbated in front of her, used various sex toys with her, and exposed her to DVD and video porn movies and magazines.”

Campbell has no remorse for what he did.

Taxpayers pay for his hormone therapy and now they get to pay for his expensive surgery. And he will be moved to a woman’s prison.

He’s an icon of LGBTQ success. Great job guys.


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