Crazy Cali decides who can attend high school sports


The California Department of Public Health released Tuesday, spectators at youth and high school sports games will be limited to only one adult per player, the Sacramento Bee reported.

They decided to let cheerleaders perform at games, although they originally said not to cheerleaders. On Tuesday, CDPH said cheerleaders, bands, scouts, and college recruiters will not be allowed to attend games.

Why? Why limit people by role? How does that protect people from the pandemic?

Fans will remain limited at one per student-athlete, which is a guideline and not a mandate with the keyword “should” in the CDPH wording.

If they don’t do it and are sued, then they are in trouble. Most will obey.

Most schools in Sacramento and Placer counties earlier this week gave each student four tickets to give to immediate family. Most area schools also had cheerleaders socially distanced on the sideline at last week’s games.



  1. The local park is packed to the gills with baseball games, walkers, basketballers.
    Ahh…Red State is the place to be which is why all of these rubberneck plates are around.
    How long until they ruin our little idyll? Too late.
    Cheerleaders! Yay!
    Cheerleaders would be on tap if I was wealthy and at the sound of a honking horn they would break into chants, acrobatics, cheering and we would all clap and cheer ourselves.
    Dreams are free.
    BRB-Off to the Howie Longfellow Park to enjoy ol’ Sol and the scenery!

  2. Fam lives out there and I haven’t seen them in almost 40 years, bwahah!
    They can have that land of fruits and nuts.
    Sporty spice continued as normal the whole time in Red State and there were no adverse effects regarding the Plandemic.
    No schools shut down even with over a foot of snow on the ground.
    Maybe put cardboard cutouts in the stands and tell the cheerleaders to act as if it is real people?

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