Did Derek Chauvin have his knee on George Floyd’s shoulder, not his neck?


During the trial of Derek Chauvin yesterday, the defense counsel introduced the concept of camera perspective bias. The defense attorney got Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo to agree it looks like Chauvin’s knee was on George Floyd’s shoulder.

It’s unclear if Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s shoulder blade only briefly before the bus came for Mr. Floyd. The length of time then-officer Chauvin had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck or shoulder is important to this case. Did he have his knee on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder after Mr. Floyd stopped breathing?

The media is not reporting this. The information came from Jack Posobiec. It is also clear that his superiors do not think this was an authorized restraint. However, that is in terms of continuing employment, not for a criminal case, according to attorney Mark Geragos on Newsmax this morning.

The full video is horrible.

The medical reports determining the cause of death are key. If the knee on the neck did not cause death, Chauvin is not guilty.

It also came out yesterday that fentanyl could have caused asphyxiation. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy said that if Mr. Floyd was found dead at home, drug abuse would have been listed as the cause.

Many say Minneapolis will burn if Chauvin is not convicted. Actually, we all know that. The Black Lives Matter activist in the clip below made that clear.

The inevitable burning down of the city will definitely influence the jurors.




  1. The restraint was proper, because it was in the training & procedure, and because the officers at the scene agreed it was appropriate, given Floyd’s lack of cooperation and extreme intoxication.

    Pressure on the back of the neck cannot cause strangulation. The side of the neck is dangerous, that’s why police procedure does not allow that, since the main arteries are on the sides. Any cop or medic knows this.

    • Side of the neck is where the brachial nervous plexus is. Also the vagus nerve when compressed will induce a relaxation response lowers the heart rate. That is why these lateral neck compress is taught as a police training. If you were confronted with a labile and uncooperative giant of a man 6ft 7 inches 250+lbs, and you know he has ingested something but not sure, if he is on PCP( these people will still come charge at you with a dozen bullets in them) ( Knee to back of neck provides no change. It is important to know that the coratid arteries are both superficial and deep. Very difficult to compress from any neck position.
      Remember if there could be compression thereof you have the 2 coratids available on the opposite lateral neck that would continue the arterial flow.

  2. The big cash ($27million) settlement has already been paid out so what is the point of some kangaroo trial?
    No one outside of MiniSomalia cares if it burns to the ground.
    I have zero sympathy for CPUSA comrades and their utopias and the feeling is mutal.
    Good, good, let the divorce flow through.

  3. The man did NOT die of strangulation OR asphyxiation and I WISH people would quit saying that. IF there was any strangulation or asphyxiation he would have had pinpoint hemorrhages (petechiae) in the skin and conjunctiva of the eyes. This was NOT found in the autopsy. He died of heart failure from the drugs and the heart condition he already suffered from.

  4. It doesn’t really matter does it?

    Would Floyd be alive today if they kept him on his feet or just sitting down on the curb?

    Putting pressure on the upper body while laying on the stomach with hands cuffed on your back, will profoundly restrict the ability to breath.

    They also knew he was “high as a kite” and really stressed out!

    Floyd was a menace to society, but he didn’t have to die that day.
    But he did because of excessive use of force over a long period of time, applied by that cop.

    I sincerely think he must be found guilty in taking Floyd’s life.
    I also think that his colleagues should have acted agains what that cop was doing. They knew better.

    • It is very straight forward and yes it does really matter. If Floyd died of asphyxiation or strangulation the officer can be found guilty of the charges against him. If Floyd died of ANY OTHER causes or conditions then this trial is a sham and those that brought the charges should face disciplinary actions. This is supposed to be a country of laws not mob rule. The fact that you don’t think the manner of death “really matters” speaks legions about you and how you (don’t) think. Look at it this way…. If you T-bone a car and injure the driver of the car you hit and they are taken to the hospital where they later die of a drug overdose and/or heart attack, unrelated to the injuries you caused, should you be held liable for their death?

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