Did Derek Chauvin have his knee on George Floyd’s shoulder, not his neck?


During the trial of Derek Chauvin yesterday, the defense counsel introduced the concept of camera perspective bias. The defense attorney got Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo to agree it looks like Chauvin’s knee was on George Floyd’s shoulder.

It’s unclear if Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s shoulder blade only briefly before the bus came for Mr. Floyd. The length of time then-officer Chauvin had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck or shoulder is important to this case. Did he have his knee on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder after Mr. Floyd stopped breathing?

The media is not reporting this. The information came from Jack Posobiec. It is also clear that his superiors do not think this was an authorized restraint. However, that is in terms of continuing employment, not for a criminal case, according to attorney Mark Geragos on Newsmax this morning.

The full video is horrible.

The medical reports determining the cause of death are key. If the knee on the neck did not cause death, Chauvin is not guilty.

It also came out yesterday that fentanyl could have caused asphyxiation. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy said that if Mr. Floyd was found dead at home, drug abuse would have been listed as the cause.

Many say Minneapolis will burn if Chauvin is not convicted. Actually, we all know that. The Black Lives Matter activist in the clip below made that clear.

The inevitable burning down of the city will definitely influence the jurors.


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