“Crazy Cat Lady” Leftist Creates a Hitlerian Trump Billboard


A left-wing artist, who was one of the contributors to the proud “crazy cat ladies” exhibit, is responsible for the billboard of Trump in front of mushroom clouds and “swastika dollar” signs that has gone viral. It popped up in Phoenix this week.

Forgetting the ridiculous message, it’s fairly ugly with an unoriginal theme.

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: “Check this out. This is a new billboard, and it went up yesterday afternoon in downtown Phoenix. You can imagine that it is drawing a lot of attention. The artist depicting a stern-faced President Trump between two mushroom clouds flanked by dollar signs resembling swastikas”

KAREN FIORITO: “Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship. I just hope that everyone involved in helping bring this message out is safe and that we all, you know, get through this unharmed.”

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: “You can imagine there’s definitely been some backlash against it. The artist says that she’s received death threats after her first billboard 13 years ago against the Bush Administration.”

The left always says they receive death threats but that seems to be more of a left-wing tactic.

The left is also trying to paint Donald Trump as an anti-Semite when all the evidence points to Obama being the anti-Semite.

It isn’t Trump who is running around trying to take our rights away. The fascists are the leftists rioting around the country, smashing windows and demanding no one from a right-leaning perspective be allowed to voice an opinion.


Artist Fiorito, in addition to campaigning against Trump to pump up her business, is anti-meat in a big way.

She loves all cats. Nothing against cats, we love cats, but maybe she’s an extremist?

The left-wing vegan, anti-meat artist doesn’t think much of Fox News either.

She is part of the resistance, but, the reality the left is missing is that Trump is the outsider – he is the resistance.

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