Stunning Announcement! FBI to Brief Senators on Trump Tower Investigation in Secret


Senator Graham said on Wednesday that the FBI will tell the Intelligence Committee in a classified briefing if Trump’s claims of surveillance are true.

If they aren’t true, it wouldn’t have to be a classified meeting, would it? The public could know about it and it would be held in open session.

There is something here that they don’t want people to know.

Or they could just be giving Graham an excuse to stop his subpoena for surveillance they did actually do.

Obviously, there is something, otherwise they just would have said there is nothing to say and there would be no investigation.

Media Pumpin Up the Allegations

The media has been pumping up a story about FBI Director Jim Comey coming out publicly to announce an investigation of Donald Trump even though Comey has said repeatedly the FBI doesn’t announce investigations. They have also been claiming Comey will say publicly that Trump/Trump Tower was not surveilled.

Politico says Jim Comey will testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week about the Russia investigation.

The big questions that will come up are whether or not Obama tapped Trump/Trump Tower and what evidence is available on Trump’s allegations.

Jim Comey already met with the chairman and ranking member of the full Judiciary Committee, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in early March. They were allegedly silent and grim-faced after the meeting according to the dishonest media.

The media did report there was wiretapping of Trump Tower but now they are saying something different. We’re dealing in semantics at this point.

Classified Meeting Will Be Held to Reveal the Truth

On Wednesday, Graham and Whitehouse were promised a classified briefing with Jim Comey in response to their demand for any surveillance warrant applications for President Trump, Graham. They already met with Comey about Russia interference in the election in early March.

“Apparently the FBI has contacted my staff [and said] that they will be at some date in the future providing us an answer to this in a classified manner,” Graham stated at the hearing.

If Trump wasn’t surveilled, why do they need a classified briefing? Hold the meeting in public — unless of course he was surveilled.

Why else? Tell us what you think.

Graham Threatens Comey

Also on Wednesday, Graham, who is really a Democrat in Republican clothing, said, “I don’t want to bump into a criminal investigation if there is one. I think the entire country needs to know if there’s something there there,” Graham told NBC . “I haven’t heard a thing.”

Graham warned Comey Saturday that the FBI was “about to screw up big time” if it thought it could jerk Senate Intelligence Committee members around.

I’m sure Comey is quivering in fear at this threat. Graham’s committee says they will issue a subpoena and hold up the deputy AG nomination if Comey doesn’t fulfill their requests. Comey should do what Democrats do — just don’t show up for the next meeting. It didn’t hurt Pagliano, IRS officials, and others.

The FBI has missed two deadlines where they were to come up with surveillance information.

There Was Surveillance

Obviously there was surveillance since the calls that Trump made to the Presidents of Australia and Mexico were transcribed and the transcripts were leaked to the media. Obama probably didn’t order it, but his embeds just know what to do. It’s their whole purpose for being an embed.

There were so many other leaks, such as the leaks of Flynn’s conversations. There is surveillance and there are leaks.

General Hayden admitted last week that analysts at the very lowest levels can unmask the Americans and leak the information.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer wouldn’t comment on the entire kerfuffle because he doesn’t want to get in the middle of Congress and the FBI.

We don’t know the truth because the media bases their reporting on their feelings, conspiracy theories and Democrat talking points. We mustn’t forget Soros’s ties to our media organizations. Soros has ties to 30 U.S. newspapers and other outlets.

The Truth About Surveillance

Feinstein is running around telling supporters she thinks Trump is “going to get himself out of office.” When asked if Trump committed an impeachable offense, she responded, “I can’t answer that right now.”

The Democrats, the Obama OFA, David Brock, the Indivisibles, and other powerful groups have made it clear they are looking for an impeachable offense. They’ve been calling for impeachment since last year when he was still an ordinary citizen.

The big question, if there was no surveillance, why not just say it?

By the way, when Trump accused the intelligence community of wiretapping, he put “wiretap” in quotes.

Our prediction:  Obama’s fingerprints will be on nothing as he lurks in the shadows; Trump wasn’t surveilled – only everyone he talks to was surveilled; the intelligence community is clueless as to who leaked; and there are no Trump-Putin ties.

There is evidence of U.S. collusion with Russia, however, here it is:

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