Crazy-eyed, woke teacher finds out band-aids are racist


A ‘woke,’ absolutely ridiculous 10th-grade teacher took to TicToc to complain about the color of band-aids. She claimed that the light brown color was made for white people and labeled them ‘white privilege.’

She is one of the real race dividers in this country. The misguided teacher is race-baiting with band-aids that have nothing to do with anything but covering up cuts.

Making the kids into victims over band-aids is a bad idea.

This crazy-eyed Marxist puppet is probably racist. Taking on a petty issue on behalf of black people is some kind of virtue-signaling that racists usually do. She is creating a problem where none exists.

Also, she needs to fix those eyebrows.



  1. Shh…don’t tell the enlightened woke beings but the average POC doesn’t give a rip about them and can’t wait to clown their dumb white ass.
    Also many of the replacements don’t really have the hate whitey zeal and some do have a shall we say “conservative” work ethic and still believe in God and family.

  2. Obviously most of the people who hang out in schools calling themselves teachers are for too stupid to teach anyone. If she would have looked closely, she would have found out that band-aids actually come in a variety of colors in most parts of the country. Most people just buy the old fashion color because the color never crosses their mind. Anyone that focused on color is obviously a racist and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children.

  3. What a retarded, sub-human, America-hating Dumb Old C U N T – WORTHLESS IN GOD’S UNIVERSE!!!!!

    the only good democRAT is a DEAD DEMOCrat

  4. It’s worse than that –

    Little Debbie – WHITE
    Angel Food Cake – WHITE
    Washington Monument – WHITE
    Entire U.S. Road System – WHITE lines
    Sausage Gravy & Biscuits – WHITE

  5. No crazy lady, every time you open your mouth, you “add insult to injury.”
    Scary that this is what passes as teacher quality.

  6. This, this is what American colleges and Universities are teaching our children. These people are now teaching your children this idiocy, this illogical, disjointed, fatuous nonsense.

  7. True. The bandages were deliberately designed with the flesh color of “white persons”
    in mind, but the equitable solution (“white” persons included) is to use clear bandages
    and not brown bandages, moron.

  8. What about the white gauze bandage. Should the gauze be dyed to match the skin color of the patient? This woman is a sociopathic racialist. Anyone who thinks this is a concern is also.

  9. Her pointless behavior over a bandaid color says a lot how our children are being used to push critical race theory…she is a lunatic

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