Crazy Kathy Griffin Is Getting Sued by Her Neighbor for Invasion of Privacy


According to The Blast, Kathy’s neighbor, KB Homes CEO Jeffrey Mezger, filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Kathy Griffin and her live-in boyfriend for videotaping everything that goes on in his backyard.

There has been an ongoing battle with the neighbors.

Kathy Griffins neighbors said the comedian’s constant complaints over noise have gone way overboard.

They’re lucky she didn’t cut their heads off.

The Mezgers say she files unsubstantiated complaints against them with police for parties, parking, and so on.

Mezger says Griffin and her boyfriend Randy Bick illegally recorded his family inside their yard on audio and video. They aimed an audio-video surveillance system in their yard at the Mezger backyard and filmed endless hours of friends and family, even the small grandchildren.

In the complaint, the Mezgers described one incident in July 2016 when a small group of their family members, including their niece, who is suffering stage 4 cancer, visited the home and were at the pool listening to music.

“Plaintiffs are informed and believe that on that basis allege that Ms.Griffin shouted down from her balcony at the children, using profanity and demanding that they ‘turn that shit off.’”

The angry neighbors went on to claim in the court documents exclusively obtained by Radar that Griffin played a loud recorded audio loop of dogs barking to harass them.

The Mezgers say they follow the rules of their posh condo complex.

Jeffrey Mezger is requesting $5,000 for every recording the controversial comedian allegedly made, as well as damages.


In September 2017, an audio recording of Mezger calling Griffin a homophobic slur was posted online after Bick complained about noise from Mezger’s grandchildren.

Mezger reportedly lost 25 percent of his annual bonus and was threatened with firing after the recording was released.

Days later, Griffin filed a restraining order against Mezger, who in turn filed one against her two weeks later. A judge threw her restraining order out.

In a May 2017 video, the CEO was allegedly shown screaming at Griffin, calling her a “stupid bitch”.

Griffin and Randy called the police on Mezger five times in a year for excessive noise.


Kathy Griffin is getting most of the positive press.

Look at her lovely tweets. The woman is incapable of saying something without a vulgarity.

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