Crazy old guy in the WH rushed back to vacation after his calamitous address


We’re led by fools and now they’re causing unnecessary death and destruction in other countries, not only ours. Biden and only Biden and his administration are responsible for the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan but that didn’t stop him from blaming George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, especially Donald Trump, the Afghan army, the former Afghan president, and I’m sure there are others.

Now he’s doubling down.

Biden said today that he was prepared for any contingency. This comment comes as terrified young Afghans are tying themselves to the wheels of planes to escape. Girls are being raped or forced into marriage to militants and men are murdered in revenge killings.

The clowns took their show on a global mission.

The Wall Street Journal wrote in a scathing editorial, “Note that Mr. Biden’s more critical of his predecessor than he is of the Taliban. The President has spent seven months ostentatiously overturning one Trump policy after another on foreign and domestic policy. Yet now he claims Afganistan policy is the one he could do nothing about.”

Back to Vacation

Biden didn’t even condescend to answer reporters’ questions. But in fairness, he was in a hurry to get back to his vacation at Camp David.

“President Biden is headed back to Camp David after delivering remarks on Afghanistan,” the White House said.

This is disgraceful. He doesn’t care about the Afghans, the Americans stranded there, the soldiers who lost so much fighting over there. He’s running and hiding once again.


He won’t do his job.

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