Speaker Pelosi schemes to push her Marxist revolution with 2 bills


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proposed a procedural vote this month that would set up future passage of two economic measures destined to turn the United State into a Marxist welfare state.

Polls indicate that Americans support this atrocity [because they don’t understand what is going on].

In a letter Sunday to Democratic lawmakers, Pelosi, D-Calif., suggested that the House will take a single vote that would clear an initial hurdle for both a budget resolution and a separate infrastructure bill, the AP reports.

The so-called moderates are allegedly rebelling and she’s working with them in what is merely a negotiation so they can get re-elected.

The budget blueprint would open the gate for Congress to later consider a separate, $3.5 trillion, 10-year bill for health, education, and environment programs.

The AP keeps referring to Democrats negotiating as centrists or moderates but there are no centrists in the Democrat Party. They are all radicals and this bill has little to do with infrastructure. Only 25% of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill deals with infrastructure. The rest sets the stage for the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill which is actually over $5 trillion.

The bills are all about socialist agenda items like climate change, voting for Democrats only in perpetuity, open borders, anti-American equity [CRT] in the schools, and the destruction of our energy industry.

The Senate approved the $1.2 trillion infrastructure measure last week with bipartisan support, and the fake moderates want to bank a quick win by sending it to Biden for his signature.

Democrats are calling the House back from summer recess on Aug. 23.

Progressive Democrats’ No. 1 goal is approval of $3.5 trillion worth of spending boosts and tax cuts for health care, education, social safety net, and climate change programs. Raising taxes on wealthy individuals and large corporations would finance much of it.

The welfare is so large and affects so many people, it will be impossible to reverse it once given. Democrats will have more than half the country on the dole.

It gives amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens who will become citizens as a result of the bill. They will vote Democratic for decades, ensuring that the party retains a lock on power. It will weaken beyond repair the idea of individual achievement that has fueled American prosperity.

Democrats don’t have a mandate for this with a 50-50 Senate, but they are Marxists and will do it anyway.


Passing the budget resolution is pivotal because that would shield the subsequent $3.5 trillion bill from Republican Senate filibusters, or delays, that would kill it. That’s why having 19 Republicans in the Senate vote for the $1.2 trillion bill was so egregious.

So-called Democratic moderates, including many from swing districts who face challenges in next year’s elections, claim they think that bill’s price tag is too high. Allegedly, they worry that the GOP will pound them with campaign accusations of backing tax increases.

They will cave. This is simply negotiations.

When the House returns this month, it will also vote on revised legislation addressing federal oversight of many states’ election laws, Pelosi wrote, another Democratic priority. That measure seems likely to pass the House but gets bogged down in the 50-50 Senate.

Pelosi plans to nationalize our elections, and energy sector, all before the next election.

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