Crazy racist candidate drops out of the presidential race


Joe Walsh, the racist far-left conservative, who thought he could run against the President in a primary, for some strange reason, has dropped out. Hopefully, he will drop completely out of the public eye.

He was a radio talk show host who became a short-term congressman and then went back to radio. Who could he possibly have as an audience on a radio show? The left won’t care about him except to exploit him for nasty soundbites on one of the fake news shows. Conservatives hate him.

Walsh spouts every crazy Democrat talking point. Here he is repeating the “GOP is a cult” lie. He did say something truthful about the President — no one can beat him.

Walsh is an example of someone who claims to be on the right and who hates Trump so much that he will say anything. I ask you, how can he say radical socialists/communists would be better for the country than Trump. Trump has a great economy, does what he says he will do, is pro-life and pro-religion, pro-the Constitution, and so on.

What is wrong with this man? Go away Joe Walsh! Join Bill Kristol as a meaningless troll on Twitter.

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