Crazy story! Associates of Dem Katie Hill Hacked Dem Rivals to help her win


FEDERAL AGENTS HAVE arrested Arthur Dam in connection with a hacking spree that disrupted the 2018 Democratic California primary that ultimately nominated Katie Hill, according to a new criminal complaint, The Intercept reported.

Dam, in the criminal complaint, is linked directly to the Hill campaign. Hill won the general election in California’s 25th District and then later resigned from Congress amid controversy.

“Dam was found to be connected to the cyber-attacks through subscriber information, IP addresses, geolocation history, and open sources, including through his employer and his wife, K.O., who worked for one of the Victim’s opponents,” the complaint reads, according to The Intercept.

Dam’s wife was Hill’s fundraiser. The story gets crazier with two Democrats saying they suspected Hill’s campaign of hacking. There were also sexual remarks tied to Hill and Dam’s wife. Hill won by fewer than 3,000 votes.

In other words, Hill’s associates hacked her Democrat competition to help her campaign.


Throupler [one of a threesome] Katie Hill is probably dating Playboy writer, Alex Thomas. This comes just after her relationship with her husband and a young female staffer, followed by another relationship with a 22-year-old male staffer [Hill denies the affair], all of which she lied about. Hill is out in the party/dating scene once again.

Thomas claims they’re just pals. It is hard to imagine anyone just being friends with Hill.

Also at the party were CNN’s Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy and Vicky Ward, and New York Times Styles reporter Taylor Lorenz.

This was right after Stelter giving an interview to Hill in which he portrayed Hill as a victim of the right-wing.

In general, you won’t get the truth from the media.

These reporters don’t use any discretion, and conflicts of interest don’t apply to them, just Republicans.

Thomas defended Hill during her recent scandal and even wrote that the National Republican Congressional Committee was “shopping around” the nude shots. The NRCC strongly denied this.

Hill called the photo leaks “revenge porn” — without evidence or proof.  She ended up resigning when Pelosi pushed her out over the bad press.


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