Crazy United Diverts Flight for….Wait For It….Wait…a Dog


United Airlines diverted a flight and inconvenienced every passenger on board because of a dog. Their priorities are messed up. It puts a whole new meaning to their old slogan: “Right place, right time-friendly.” [FOR THE DOG]

Extra takeoffs and landings put passengers in unnecessary danger but that didn’t stop them from diverting the flight.

Maybe it was Chuck Schumer’s dog.

The flight, originally set to go from Newark, N.J., to St. Louis, was diverted to Ohio to reunite the dog with his family, the Washington Post reported.

The dog was supposed to go to Akron, Ohio but was put on the St. Louis flight instead. About an hour and a half were also spent on the ground in Akron after the flight diverted to close to Columbus, Ohio.

Passengers were compensated for the delay though United Airlines for an unknown amount, according to the Post.

This follows a bulldog puppy dying in an overhead bin on United and a Shepherd accidentally being sent to Japan. It’s also after announcements were made about all the dogs that die on United. Statistics show that 75% of the dogs that die on planes are on United.

United’s solution to dog mishandling is to inconvenience passengers. Put this in perspective. Would they divert a flight because a passenger got on the wrong place??? We think not.

Jet Blue and Continental sent children to the wrong destinations and didn’t divert the planes.

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